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Considered to be the cradle of Trúc Lâm Zen Buddhism in Vietnam, Yên Tử Mountain is a centuries-old sacred Buddhist pilgrimage site of huge cultural and spiritual significance, located close to Halong Bay. Around one million pilgrims from the region visit each year to pay homage to Buddha-enlightened King Trần Nhân Tông, who established the Trúc Lâm Yên Tử Zen sect here in the 13th century. Tùng Lâm Company has been entrusted by the Vietnamese government to develop a world-class, sympathetic tourism destination to sustainably support and preserve this sacred place, opening it to international tourism and ensuring it remains accessible for future generations to enjoy. Rising to the project’s unique challenges, visionary architect Bill Bensley used authentic architectural methods and styles and handcrafted materials to create modern, world-class facilities, while respecting the heritage, traditions and footprint of this ancient protected site. Designed with painstaking attention to historical detail and including a museum, hotel and hostels where visitors can rest and imbibe the hallowed surroundings in comfort, Yên Tử Mountain is set to become a major tourism hotspot for Vietnam - a new-yet-ancient historic and cultural destination, which to date has remained largely unknown to international travellers.

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