Vietnam Airlines announces Luke Nguyen as its global cuisine ambassador

Vietnam Airlines has officially announced Australian Vietnamese Chef Luke Nguyen as its Global Cuisine Ambassador, with the mission to further promote Vietnamese cuisine and culture to the world.

From 2018 to 2020, Luke Nguyen will take an important role in improving the quality and originality of in-flight meals for Vietnam Airlines. This "Culinary magician" will create eight new dishes for Business Class inspired by his travels across Vietnam (North, Central, South and Hue). The partnership between Luke Nguyen and Vietnam Airlines comes from a shared attitude of respecting cultural values. While ensuring safety is a must, Vietnam Airlines’ aspiration is to turn every flight into an experience in which passengers are inspired by the cultural beauty of the destination they are travelling to. The dishes will be designed, prepared and presented with authentic Vietnamese flavours in harmonious combination with refreshments and side dishes. Luke Nguyen will also provide further guidance to Vietnam Airlines’ catering company VACS throughout 2018 regarding the 50 Business Class menus it oversees for other international airlines. In celebration of this new partnership Luke Nguyen, in cooperation with Vietnam Airlines, will be promoting Vietnamese cuisine to the world through largescale international cultural and trade events throughout 2018.

At the signing ceremony, Mr. Le Hong Ha, the Executive Vice President of Vietnam Airlines, said: “As the national flag carrier, we are passionate about promoting the cultural values of Vietnam to the world. From now on, passengers travelling with Vietnam Airlines will be cordially invited to indulge in the delightful dishes crafted under the expert guidance of Luke Nguyen. Together, Vietnam Airlines and Luke will raise the profile of Vietnamese cuisine into a respectable kind of art, so that it is not only a national pride, but also the first cultural touch point that welcomes foreigners to Vietnam.”

Chef Luke Nguyen, Global Cuisine Ambassador of Vietnam Airlines, said: “I always believe that food is a cultural heritage that is both familiar and diverse, reflecting the soul, character and value of each nation. I hope to bring dishes that are imbued with Vietnamese national identity and consistent with the rich taste tourists experience throughout the continents on Vietnam Airlines flights. Thanks to Vietnam Airlines for giving me the opportunity to further deepen my connection with my hometown on the homecoming journey. I am greatly looking forward to this exciting yet challenging role and introducing passengers to the art of Vietnamese cuisine”

The introduction of a Vietnamese chef as Vietnam Airlines’ first Global Cuisine Ambassador is part of the airlines wider strategy to improve service quality and passengers’ experience. High standards, attentive, personalised care is the pilar of Vietnam Airlines offering and has helped the airline to maintain the Skytrax 4-Star rating for two straight years. Further to this the airline was awarded the honorable “World’s Leading Cultural Airline” by World Travel Awards in 2017. Positioning itself as a dynamic, creative and modern airline brand which is characterized by Vietnam's rich culture and national identity with international 4-star standards, Vietnam Airlines is on the road to become a 5Star Airline in the near future.